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OSTVR Solutions is a premium VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Argumental Reality) Service of Opportunity Solution Technology. A branch of the company specialized in developing Apps and providing customized training services on Virtual Reality. We give companies the added advantage to provide critical skills and training in a risk-free environment for businesses. This in return cut down cost and save business big on training with their own custom training suited for the right situation.

what we offer

  • VR Solutions for Enterprise
  • VR Solutions for Industry
  • VR Applications
  • VR Training

With the world changing at fast pace and new technologies emerge into new terains, businesses are seeking new tools and techniques to meet up market needs and demands. For a business to truly gain flexible and agile ways of assimilating information at the quickest time possible, a new experience is needed. The usual traditional learning cost a lot and may not be streamlined to meet the user experience needed for each business. We provided a more flexible, dynamic and personalized training that gives employees to assimilate information at their own pace without much supervision as well as give them a similar virtual environment that reflects the real-world scenario all at a standard effective budget cost.

Take advantage of the power of virtual reality to train your team on critical skills in a risk-free environment. Save big on training and make absolutely sure that the right habits are built.  Request a VR demo today

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