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Professional Managed IT Services
Data Recovery

Uptime Maintenance Support Services

We keep all your IT infrastructure up and running – everywhere, all the time – so you can accelerate your digital business.

​We provide global support, multiple coverage tiers, faster incident response and repair time, and 24/7 access to skilled engineering across multiple technology domains.
Our Uptime Service Plans provide progressive levels of support to meet your unique worldwide needs by location and type of device.

Proactive Support Services

Our Proactive Support Services will help you to improve operational efficiency, simplify management, save administration time, and proactively reduce service incidents across technologies and vendors. Accelerate optimisation of your IT operations with our modular Proactive Support Services

  • Annual Version Updates
  • Asset Tracking and Analytics
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Availability and Capacity Monitoring
  • IT Service Integration
  • Proactive Problem Support
  • Service Delivery Assurance
  • Technical Account Management

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